Mark Price For 3

Episode 36 | Special Guest Josh Price

June 26, 2023 Mark Price/Josh Price/Aaron Conrad Season 1 Episode 36
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Episode 36 of the Mark Price For 3 Podcast is with our special guest Josh Price. Josh is Mark's youngest son. He played collegiately for Liberty University before transferring to Trevecca. 

In this special episode, recorded in-person at our partner 104.9 The River Radio studios, Josh shares his recruiting, college basketball and faith journeys with us. 

Welcome to Hilliard & camp
Introduction of Josh
Cavaliers draft
Josh's early NBA memories
Getting to know Josh
Recruiting and college career
Raising players as a former NBA player
Development conversation
What parents should know
What players should be working on
Josh testimony and faith journey
Faith advice for young athletes
Mark on releasing your children
Having a relationship with your children
Mark's advice for parents
Josh advice to parents
Closing conversation